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Sexuality and abortion in times of health crisis: migrations of women beyond gestational age (GA) limits. Towards an extension of GA limits?

2nd July 2021

The National Association of Providers of Contraception and Abortion (ANCIC) organized an on-line conference on June 5th to discuss the impact of the current health crisis on sexuality and access to abortion care in France, focusing particularly on the need for accessing abortion care beyond the gestational age limits established by the French abortion law. We contributed to the debate, by presenting the results of our study, which show that in spite of the liberalization of the law since 2001 and improved access to medical abortion in the 1st trimester, barriers to accessing abortion care still exist in France and negatively impact on women and pregnant people needing an abortion even in non-pandemic times. In particular, lack of providers and long waiting lists force women and pregnant people living in small cities and rural areas to travel to big cities, and gestational age limits force those needing an abortion in the second trimester to travel abroad for abortion care. 

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